Joe Farace of Shutterbug and other fame.

a recent testemonial from Joe Farace:

One characteristic that I have always admired about Dawn is that she is fearless when working with photographers to get that perfect shot; she will bend herself like a pretzel or freeze her cute butt off to deliver a great photograph.



Featuring an image by Barry Staver of Joe and Dawn of the Rockies hard at work.

Barry Staver   



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A beautiful testimonial from a fantastic Photographer and Spirit. Joe has  published  me  into double figures now. My photos with Joe have finish Runner-up in Contests. My fault, bad hair day. No Kidding. He really has done so much for me. I'm always  in his debt.



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Thank You, Dawn of the Rockies

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Posted by Joe Farace (from at 6:36pm on 3/17/03         alt email

Location: Denver/Brighton, CO

Sometimes we get so busy that we don't take time to say thanks to the special people in our lives. I want to say thanks to Dawn of the Rockies, a model who brings sunshine into every shoot I've ever done with her.

True story: I had a shoot scheduled one Friday and was beat after working on some crunch projects. After driving an hour to Ft Collins I didn't feel much like shooting but after just a few moments photographing Dawn my spirits began to soar. After a while, I told Dawn I didn't care what these pictures looked like, working with her had changed my whole attitude.

I have photographed Dawn as a blonde, red head, brunnete and even in a pink wig, but no matter what color her hair is, she's one of the most special people I've ever met. If anybody going to the April shoot has time for a private shoot with her, please do. You will never forget the expererience.

Joe Farace

(from our very first shoot together)