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Loveland Academy of Fine Art: Paul Lucchesi




When the world traveling Portrait and Figure Sculpture extraordinaire Paul Lucchesi arrived at the Loveland Academy of Fine Arts his impressive credentials where already known to his awaited students from across the United States that had gathered at the Loveland Academy of Fine Arts. This facility is located in Loveland Colorado, a city known National for it's  Art and Crafts.   Paul Lucchesi has taught Sculpting at the New School, Parson School of  Design and the Educational Alliance since 1984. Lucchesi has taught at Pientra Santa, Italy, a city with an established history as a marble and bronze sculpture location. Lucchesi's work has been exhibited in the Bridgewater-Lustberg Gallery, NYC and many international galleries. He is the recipient of the Lindsay Morris Memorial Prize for the National Sculpture Society and the Henry Ward Ranger Fund Purchase Prize from the National Academy of Art and Design. Lucchesi's impressive list of accomplishments and teachings afforded his Students and the Loveland Academy the best workshops possible. His course was emphasized on individuality and expression with Figure Art as the central theme. Paul discussed techniques and structure during the workshop as evident by the students work for 5 days. Paul's old world charms extended into wonderfully  prepared Italian Lunch dishes that he prepared for his students giving a real old world favor. Provo!









Paul worked on the basic keys to sculpture while using  live female and male models


Paul worked on the anatomy of the human figure but with a personal perception of the subject for individual renderings. As seen by the work, and photos, each artist had their own interpretation of the same subject. Paul covered all the basics in sculpturing with design, drapery, gesture, movement, expression in the male and female anatomy. Paul's students ranged from Talented Showing Sculptures to first time attempt at the Sculpture Art. All the students where wonderful and worked at achieving new heights in the shaping and forming of clay.  Some even had bronzing in mind.
Paul's Statue technique  achieved all the color and look of a firing without the process. His unusual technique and creativity shows why he is world renown. Here he applies the finishes to student Justin's  male Figure model. Using the skills of a painter and the wisdom of an experienced clay firer Paul achieves a rich 3-D feel. Paul will have another class in Sept from the 27th -Oct 1. with must of the same students signed-up to capture more of Paul Lucchesi's Talent skills and passion.

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